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"In The Shadow of No Towers" - a symphony by composer Mohammed Fairouz

From: Reach Out Kansas Inc. for the University of Kansas wind ensemble — In this video, acclaimed young composer Mohammed Fairouz explains each of the four movements of his fourth symphony, “In the Shadow of No Towers.” The symphony's theme takes its inspiration from the composer's personal responses to the 9/11 terrorist attacks and from panels from the comic book of the same title by Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novelist Art Spiegelman that explores life after 9/11.

Fairouz describes the inspiration for this new composition:
“In terms of the immediate days following the attacks, I think there was a great sense of possibility for us and I think that we really did feel like we would take this opportunity to come together as a human race; that we would come together for the common cause of humanity. And we imagined that in the days following it, there would be symbols that would proliferate like globes; and then we saw really provencial symbols start to come up and then we started getting scared…”

The world premiere will be March 26, 2013, Carnegie Hall - ticket proceeds benefiting the 9/11 Memorial.

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