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Bluecoup Sets “Standard” in Bon Air - Fagerberg-Grimes family

Bluecoup Sets “Standard” in Bon Air

From Julie Grimes and the Fagerburg-Grimes family
Bon Air, VA, USA.

Our household considers itself, first and foremost, a global family and citizens of the world. Through the years my husband and I have been host parents to high school students from Germany, Finland, Norway and Japan, and journeyed halfway around the world to adopt our daughter in Kazakhstan. In my travels to 19 countries and my interactions with internationals, I marvel at the many things we have in common and am less inclined to see the differences. In fact, it seems to me that we are more alike than different. What better way to express our camaraderie with all the citizens of this planet, than including a Bluecoup banner in front of our house.

We congratulate them and welcome them to the start of something blue!

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